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Located a short distance from Siem Reap Happy + Co Farm supports the Farm to Table movement by picking and delivering on the same day, guaranteeing freshness and food safety.

Happy people

Fresh locally grown vegetables equate to a long shelf life, which is why Chef’s & commercial customers recognize the value in buying from Happy + Co Farm. Our other customers are simply HAPPY to taste the difference between chemical free vegetables and the tired, tasteless imports. Promoting the locally grown product are the enthusiastic team of Happy + Co team who enjoy a daily lunch served from the farm to the table!

Clean Growing

The quest for knowledge has taken the Happy + Co team to horticultural exhibitions and field studies locally & abroad. Back home we have applied their acquired knowledge into the construction and operation of controlled environment hydroponic greenhouses & agriculture. To maintain a consistent supply of pesticide free crops we must respond quickly and expertly to the changing environment & weather conditions.

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