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We grow our vegetables ethically, banning the use of chemical pesticides, harvesting rain water and composting waste matter. Taste the difference!

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Our Story

In 2014 Gary Elton partnered with Sokha Khut and his family to create Happy + Co Farm here in Cambodia aiming to create year round employment for the communities around the farm. A site was chosen and all the hard work began! In just a few years dusty neglected rice fields have been transformed by sophisticated greenhouses surrounded by lush gardens and lotus covered reservoirs.

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Our Farm

Our Farm is located 30km outside of Siem Reap town enabling us to provide freshly picked vegetables for the people of Cambodia everyday. Growing vegetables in the extreme weather has not been easy but our persistence has paid off. We now produce compost to enrich the infertile soil at our farm and our bespoke greenhouses ensure that year round supply can be maintained.

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"We deliver freshly picked vegetables to your home"

Simply select any produce you’d like and follow the instructions. We will get back to you immediately.

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