White Quinoa

Cooked quinoa seeds become fluffy and creamy, yet maintains a slight crunch. Quinoa is known as a good source of calcium & magnesium. It also contains good level of several B vitamins, Vitamin E and dietary fibers. This little grains are pack full of health benefit for your body..

200 Grams | USD 5.00


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1 Pcs

USD 3.00

Clean Growing

The quest for knowledge has taken the Happy + Co team to horticultural exhibitions and field studies locally & abroad. Back home we have applied their acquired knowledge into the construction and operation of controlled environment hydroponic greenhouses & agriculture. To maintain a consistent supply of pesticide free crops we must respond quickly and expertly to the changing environment & weather conditions.

Our Farm

Our Farm is located 30km outside of Siem Reap town enabling us to provide freshly picked vegetables for the people of Cambodia everyday. Growing vegetables in the extreme weather has not been easy but our persistence has paid off. We now produce compost to enrich the infertile soil at our farm and our bespoke greenhouses ensure that year round supply can be maintained.

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